Wanted: Professional audit of nextcloud installation

Dear all,

I administer a Nextcloud install for a small non-profit with about 110 users. While Nextcloud mostly works quite well, we are now coming to the point where we do have the need for some external professional support, but we are not going to be able to raise the 6500 € that Nextcloud wants for an enterprise subscription for a year for 100 users, and generally I am quite happy with a self-hosted and self-administered solution. It has served us well for several years now.

However, what we could use, I imagine, would be a one-time professional audit of our existing Nextcloud ecosystem, addressing e.g. security issues, distribution of read/write permissions and availability, and on-demand support whenever there is an emergency. Also, there might be needs to extend Nextcloud’s functionality where apps are not yet available, such as an app that detects unusual activity such as the mass deletion of files (which is what caused me to wonder about an external professional audit in the first place).

I am under the impression, that this is something that Nextcloud GmbH (LLC) does not offer, that’s why I am asking here. If any of you has a standing offer, including a description of your expertise and your rates, I’d be very happy to hear from you!