Wanted: experienced nextcloud host/developer for new startup: voluntary.gold

We’re in the process of launching a next generation a federated social action network for activists and volunteers to mobilize in support of the organizations and causes they care about, and be rewarded for their contributions. This is technology solution as well as a social support solution to empower meaningful and lasting volunteer engagement across all sectors of society. The technology will in part be built on top of the nextcloud platform.

We are forming a non-profit foundation to fund software development and academic research, with a for profit arm to offer hosting and community development workshops.

Check out our splash page at https://voluntary.gold

We are looking for an experienced nextcloud host and plugin developer to join the team as a co-founder or paid freelancer. Big opportunity for anybody who is passionate about the work we are doing. Inquiries welcome.


are you searching either a developer or a administrator, or both in one person.

I’m experienced in administrating and hosting nextcloud, but not in writing plugins.

Contact me if you need a Nextcloud Host/Administrator via it@messner.live

Best regards