Want to reinstall but

Hello world of NC,
I made an install of NC12 two years ago on a R-Pi. I experienced trouble by upgrading and I am now stuckes at NC14, errors occurred and I stopped upgrading.
Anyway, now I want to make a fresh install but the website I used for the setup two years ago vanished… I can make an install following NC website but I remember I tweaked some conf file, mostly because or certbot certificat and a name linked to duckdns.org…
So I need help to a fresh install that allow me to keep the configuration I made two years ago. I hope everything make sense.
Waiting hearing from you.

ummmm… sounds as if you could give nextcloudpi a try. a nice tool helping you with setting up your nc.
maybe it would be a good idea to set everything up anew… (hopefully not too much work for you). maybe you should play around witht it at first (of course it would help you with your duckdns-certificates).

you can download it from www.nextcloudpi.com - it’s part of the official nc-versum.

awww. and it wouldn’t work anymore on a rpi1.

so good luck


Try this site for RPI. It worked for me.


Hi JimmyKater, I had in mind nextcloudpi. A serious option, I’ll dig it.
Did you experience it yourself?

Hi eedr. This is close the steps I remember I’ve done but without the duckdns.org config. Thanks.

i run it myself… on a rpi3b+ … and it works flawlessly and smoothly. but not really fast. enough for me and my purposes, though.

Ok. I don(t need it to go fast it’s only for a home base install and use. Thanks.