Want to push Nextcloud’s human-centered design? :)

Just came across this really cool UXFund initiative:

I was in contact with the USABLE Project folks before and it seems like a cool opportunity to get design work done and get paid. :slight_smile: If anyone is up for it please check the website out.

Also please spread the word, the call is open until end of September!

cc @juliushaertl @eppfel @raghunayyar @MorrisJobke @ChristophWurst @jospoortvliet and other interested designers. :wink:

I would like to write a proposal on this. Lets see if we can build something around accessibility for Nextcloud.

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@jan you can post something if you have some projects in mind. I am doing some of my own research as well. My research revolves building an accessible theme for the colour blind, what do you think? :slight_smile:

I’d say accessibility as a whole could be tackled, yes! :slight_smile: Most of it ideally by default, not only as theme or setting of course. :wink: