Want to help with postgresql bugs

Hi guys

So I wanted to start helping on the project. As you mention; just grab a ticket and get started! So I took a look at the Postgresql tickets. Like; 6343, 10473,9305

While I was trying to get comfortable I realized that @MorrisJobke is actively working on it at the moment. Is there any way I can support your efforts in a coordinated way? (Overview ticket)

Also is it correct, that the solution for now is to just keep the NC log clean and live with the clutter generated in the postgresql log?

I think some of the issues in the tickets mentioned above (apart from the already closed one) could be closed as well with the changes implemented so far.

Thanks a lot, I’m looking forward to learn something in the process!

If you want to get in touch with the developers, you can as well try via IRC. Normally they should respond quite fast during European (CET) business hours.

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Great, thanks for the hint @tflidd :+1:! There’s so many channels, not easy to know where to reach out first!

Hi, maybe you could help with another ticket: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/12465