Waiting for the nextcloud app csr to be pulled


who can be contacted if waiting for the nextcloud app csr to be pulled?
In this case im waiting for signlive.csr

Thanks a lot,

Hey :wave:
I’m not responsible, but from what I’ve gleaned, the process is not fully automated, so it’s not just a matter of someone pressing the merge button and being done with it.
I think it can take a few days to a week until someone gets around to adding new CSRs, so I recommend to be patient and wait :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your consoling words.
I’ll be patient. On Monday, one week is over :wink:

Last week we had the release of Nextcloud 23. As you can probably imagine there is a lot of additional work for our sysadmins and other teams. Therefore this process is slower as usual. But someone will help you.


Thanks for your answer. I’ll be patient.


Now that it’s chrismas …
and we are waiting un’der the treee
is there a present …
in form of a key?

Cheers :wink:

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I will ask internally.

Did you get an answer …?