Voice notices into NC

Ciao - I would like to have the following feature.

Smartphones have voice recording apps where you can record small notifications, ideas, …

I would like to have a recorded notification into an NC app, like notes.

Any idea?


You like to have the voice recording as audio file in your NC?

Or audio to text?

Here’e the Use Case:

I am on the road, train, etc an idea shot thru my head, I open my smartphone and speak the idea into an voice recording app, which generates the text and pass it into an NC notice app,

At an desktop pc I open this notice app and find all my ideas.

The audio to text must be provided 3rd party on the client device. Once that is completed it is just a matter of setting the files to save to your Nextcloud synced directories.

I don’t use but you can have audio notes with that app. Is not exactly what you want but is close, the files are saved as audio I think.


For the records:
The official mobile app of Nextcloud has audio recording.
But not speech to text IIRC.

Hi @rakekniven, feature only available on iOS, not on Android, right?


For Android I recommend F-Droid’s Simple Voice Recorder. Define Nextcloud filesystem for saving the audio files, it is very good. Not aware of any good, open source speech-to-txt so have none to recommend. :+1:

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Looks like you are right. My last android device went to death some month ago :sleepy: