VM Restoration and file changes

Our virtual machine on which we have nextcloud 11 installed crashed on Friday evening. I have tried to recover the VM but no luck. We make snapshots of our VM’s each night and have a version I can recover from Friday.

My question is, what happens to files that has since been changed? Say the nextcloud client was able to sync until Saturday morning 6am, and I recover a VM from Friday 6pm, is there any risk of losing files / data? If so, what would be the best way to ensure we don’t lose any data specifically that made between Friday to today?

Thank you

Well, your clients should show a “Backup detected” message and ask your users if they want to keep the local files as “Conflict” next to the ones from the server or do a normal sync.

Thank you Alfred, just want to get my ducks in a row before the backup restoration. I will assume that only files changed since Friday will then be “duplicated / conflicted” when they select to keep local files as conflict?

Yes, basically. If they choose “Normal synchronisation” the would be overwritten.