VM: doesn't find directory for update scripts

I’m quite a beginner. I’m running NC20 from @enoch85 (thank you for your great work!) on a QNAP-TS235, this time without problems for many months. Only issue is, that updating to the next main NC didn’t run, it always show the message to run the update script to do this for a very long time. Now, I wanted to run the script because NC20 will run out of service (command as in log: “sudo bash /var/scripts/nextcloud.sh”. It didn’t work: “No such file or directory”. I didn’t find the folder “scripts” in “var” by myself.

Thanks in advance!


Thanks for the feedback!

Please check this out:


Thank your for your reply! Could you pleasy specify which step you mean? I suppose, you mean to change the permission to use the automated updates ("$~: sudo chown www-data:www-data -R /var/www/nextcloud")?!

Do you have an idea, why the directory with all scripts isn’t here? I think installing/configuring them an the beginning wouldn’t be possible. But I am sure I haven’t deleted them… Is it possible, to reimport the scripts-folder?

You should run ‘sudo bash /var/scripts/update.sh’

Hope it helps!

Sorry, I don’t get the point. I’m aware that I should do that, that’s what I wanted to do but there is no folder “scripts” in directory “var” so the command can’t be executed.

Aah you must be using the offical VM (also made by us).

It’s a slimmed down version of the full VM:

Scripts folder doesn’t exist on that one.

OK, I thought, even this time I fetched the OVA from your website, but in that case it seems my memory goes wrong.

Is there any possibility to paste a copy of the scripts in that folder or is it necessary to reinstall the whole VM? Or any other possibility to update it? Via webaccess, I don’t see where to initiate a update of the main NC version.

I’m sorry to say, you would need to reinstall.

The setup is so different it doesn’t work to just copy paste.