Vision for Nextcloud in year 2040?

What is your vision for Nextcloud in the year 2040?

:eight_pointed_black_star: What needs does Nextcloud fulfil?
:eight_pointed_black_star: Who uses Nextcloud and how?
:eight_pointed_black_star: How does it feel to use Nextcloud?

I hope to also read some input from current Nextcloud devs =)

Is till 2040 still Moore’s law true?
Perhaps someone can calculate the size of a normal nextcloud in 2040.

And the size of pictures from smartphones in giga pixel :wink:
Very usefull to print in orignal quality in DIN A-10 :wink:

I think in 2040 you can save your whole life in Nextcloud.

It is the year 2040 and the Nextclouds have become self aware. They have banded together to subjugate the human race. Now humans are only allowed to eat rat meat and are used by Nextclouds for the expansion of external storages.

No problem. It is all the same: Carnism

Maybe, but its hard to get a nice thick delicious steak out of a rat. It comes down to luxury vs necessity.

You also can eat your dog.