Virtual Organization of Remote/External Storages

Is there a way that I have missed to organized or “group together” a boatload of external storages I have (they are all currently sftp with some s3 on the way probably). There is the possibility of some visual confusion and was wondering if a top level scheme of some sort was available.

It’s not a great example, but All prod shares would be in a prod folder, for example, and the user would have to click through to that before seeing them all, the same for the QA shares.


  • Map them via the external storage app.
  • Create a group of users and share access to the folders.

Ty… oh yeah, they are mapped by the external storage app and the shares are permissioned via Active Directory, but a user in an AD group could see each of those similarly named shares/folders (Prod/QA/Test) and there are a few shares that qualify. (and actually there are boatloads… cause some of the AD groups are read only and others are allowed to have write access, so for any folder mapping there are two entries in the external storage app, one that is read only and one with that unchecked)

Was just wondering/hoping about a virtual grouping I could put them in.

You could try the Group Folders app. I haven’t used it myself in some years.

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I will… Thank you, and will update the thread with my findings.


I don’t think for my use case, but I appreciate the thought. Seems that in some cases it might be a great option, but in others, causes issues. The GitRepo has this pinned for status and this bullet point is the one I would probably need! (the different directory shares have the permissions, the organization concept I am hoping for would not be for permission as much as organization)

  • Sharing of directories inside a group folder can lead to [all kinds of problems

And I don’t want to find out if the security leak affects remote files too… that would be a no-no.