Virtual folders - free up space working?

I am not sure if my virtual group folder is working correctly. I have Nextcloud 22.0.0 running on Ubuntu 20.04 and all seems fine. My wife and I are synchronising our documents folders from Windows PCs and and I have a group folder synchronising shared documents between the two of us.

I also have a group folder (for archive stuff) that is set up as with virtual files. I have right clicked on the top folder in File Explorer and selected Free up space but I cannot tell if it working correctly. I have two questions.

  1. How do I know whether it has successfully removed the files from my local computer? Everything I can see in File Explorer is integrated with Nextcloud and so it looks as though it is stored locally. Is there a way to check how much local storage is being used or indeed to find which files are held locally so that I can change it if necessary?

  2. When I select Free up space Explorer “Applies properties” to some 70,000 files but in the “Status” column I get a mixture of the cloud icon and the sync in progress icon (two circular arrows) for the folders the next level down. If I dig deep enough there doesn’t seem to be any files that don’t themselves have the cloud icon (there shouldn’t be any files on my local computer anyway). Is there something not working correctly?

The option to free up space is still available on the context menu too.

I did originally have this archive on my Windows desktop and sync it up to the server before selecting free up space but they should all be there by now.