Virtual files taking up space

I’m trying to use the Nextcloud client on my Windows 11 machine with virtual files. It takes forever to do the initial sync which is a different issue but I’m seeing high network and disk activity and Windows Explorer is showing that it’s actually consuming the space on disk.

I thought the point of the virtual files is that it won’t download all 300+GB of stuff to my machine but it appears to be doing so. Is this expected?

It depends on the situation. Is a program on your computer trying to read them? If so, the files have to be downloaded and cached to be read.

Unless windows defender counts, I don’t know what would be touching the files.

If it is indeed your antivirus then yes, it would be necessary to populate the files to scan them or read them for any other reason.

I don’t think I’ve heard of antivirus doing that, but I guess in theory it could. If you run perfmon /res you would see a lot of disk reads from msmpeng.exe during the scan.

If that ends up being the case, you might have to exempt it from scanning if you want to keep from caching the files.

I added an exclusion for the c:\users\username\Nextcloud folder to defender but it’s still pulling all the files down and consuming space.


Really just seems to be System:

Feels like a form of bug that development would want to know. I’m new to this particular project. I’ll do some digging and probably open an issue on the github page for the desktop client.