Viewing images in Files App does not show download link

Yesterday I updated from NC 15 to NC 16 and NC 17 using the update feature of NC. Finished without problems!

If I click an image file using the Files app it shows the image in like a slideshow, with next/previous buttons and in the upper right corner some more buttons.
Until version 15 I could chose Share, Delete, Download and Close window. Since version 17 (or perhaps 16) I can chose Show Info, Start Slideshow and Close window. Please see attached images.
New behaviour (version 17, maybe 16):
Old behaviour (version -15):

If I open in the Gallery app it will still show the old style.

Can I do something to get the “download button” back?

THank you!

Yes, wait for the Photos app to be enhanced/updated. In the meantime you have to use the breadcrumb menu behind a file name to access the desired activities.

Thanks for the quick reply. I think I will manage in the meantime. I will follow development closer on github.