View shared privileges

We are looking into the share privileges of users. The following scenario:

User A: Shares a file ‘X’ with user B
User B: Shares the file ‘X’ through invite (send out through entered email address)
User C: Gets the same file ‘X’ shared by User B, hower there is no overview of who this file is shared with. It doesn’t have the same activity trail or sees who it is shared with.

Is there a solution to give User C the same overview as User A and User B? MS OneDrive does have this option and activity trail and edit the sharing options. Are we overlooking something and there is a way around this?

Like a general folder and with sub folders, where everyone (in the group) can see who the file(s) are shared with and able to share and unshare.

In other words, all activity and shares (external and internal) are shown under Sharing for all users of a group, so User A, B and C see the same under ‘Sharing’ of a file.

All users are part of the same group.