View Pictures with app

is it possible to view picture with the android app (v1.2.0)?
I only see the thumbnails.

In the browser i can view the picture without downloading.
thanks for reply.

Hi there,

The actual version will always download the images but you can also try out the beta version available on f-droid which supports the feature you are asking about :slight_smile:

Which version of the app does support this feature? I’m on 1.3.0 RC2, but I couldn’t find such an setting

@ErAzOr this one :slight_smile:

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I’m really really confused here. So what your saying is that feature is only in the Beta version and will Never be in the actual version? That totally doesn’t make sense. Why can’t you add that feature in the “actual” current version? It makes no sense since it’s already functioning in the Beta version.

The feature will make it into the stable as soon as the server side will have fixed image ratio issues.