View Metadata from WebUI and LetsEncrypt


New user to NC, installed using Tech and Me VM on top of Unraid and so far is looking like will be exactly what we are wanting for storage solution for the family.

Is there a way to view files metadata in particular ‘Date Taken’ from the webui?

Also during install I was asked if I would like to setup LetsEncrypt which I thought I said yes to but no other information was collected and it has setup with a self-signed cert. Did I miss a step or do I need to do something else to get that working?


Nextcloud doesn’t have anything to do with obtaining SSL certs beyond using https if told to, so Let’s Encrypt would have been part of the hosts doing rather than Nextcloud’s.

As to the metadata, you can see the most detailed view possible (don’t remember if it includes “Date taken” by clicking the … menu you see to the right of an image and clicking “Details” iirc.

Hope that helps!