VideoPlayer controler not visible

Hello everyone,

I have an issue on my nextcloud server :

As you can see, I can’t see the video control buttons on Firefox. But I can see them with edge or google chrome.

With the debugger console, I have this information :

I already tried to reinstall Firefox and start firefox without any plugin.

Have you any idea what can be the cause ?

Are you trying to play an mp4 file?

yes I am. In this example, it’s the nextcloud introduction video.
It is a mp4 file.

If you didn’t already clear you cache, if that didn’t work try looking at your log file and let me know if it has any errors

I watched

  • Apache error log
  • Nextcloud error log
  • Nextcloud admin log

I have nothing. However, I have found something :

It may be due to Content Security Policy. I am reading the doc.

Stay tuned !

I definitively have a CSP problem :

I don’t know how to change the CSP rule to enable this svg file.
I am using apache2.