Video upload issues in Android 7 on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

So I have setup a NextCloud server as a proof of concept using the NextCloud installation on top of the DietPi VMware image, and a 250 gigabyte external HDD.

The clients working with the server are a Windows 7 laptop and two Android devices, a Google Pixel 2 XL with Android 9 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Android 7. There are also two accounts, the default Admin account and a simple user account made inside the NextCloud GUI.

Every client seems to be working fine as far as file upload is concerned except for the tablet for some reason. It can make folders and upload images to the NextCloud server just fine but somehow it fails at uploading videos. The video upload fails with a " upload failed, could not complete the operation. Server unavailable " message. This happens regardless of uploading from inside the NextCloud app or other applications, including the gallery and social media apps such as What’s App and others.

Initially I thought I might have messed up the user creation process or the folder permissions somehow but the same issue happens with the Admin account on the tablet. Also the same does not happen with the new user on the Google Pixel 2 XL or the Windows 7 machine.

I have no clue what to try next or what the issue might be. Any suggestions is much appreciated.


P.S. Forgot to mention that the NextCloud app closes down altogether when uploading more than 3 pictures at a time as well.


Nextcloud version: 14
Operating system and version: DietPi
PHP version: 7

The issue you are facing:
One of the clients can’t seem to be uploading any video files into the NextCloud using the Android App

Is this the first time you’ve seen this error?

Steps to replicate it:

  1. Open NextCloud App
  2. Go into the desired folder
  3. Click the + icon
  4. Select upload file
  5. Select a video to upload (in this case Whats App video)
  6. Immediately faced with an error message.