Video previews on Debian

Hey guys,

does anybody know, how to get previews for video files working on Debian/Raspbian?

I’ve installed libav-tools (avconv). Are there any additional steps necessary?


Nextcloud version: 11.0.2
Operating system: Debian Jessie (Raspbian)
Apache version: 2.4.10
PHP version: 7.0.16

Check the Preview config section in the link below.

It would required adding OC\Preview\Movie into the enabledPreviewProviders section of the config file. But keep in mind it can be CPU intensive going through a video file. Personally I would not recommend enabling this on a Raspberry Pi.

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Thanks, got Video previews working. The performance is actually quite good.
PDF and Font preview are not working though. Are there additional packages I need to install?

I have just added the following to my config.php:

  'enabledPreviewProviders' =>
  array (

And my NextCloud generated a preview for my PDFs. From the code I can see it refers to BMP, so I would make sure you have BMP also enable.

Thanks @StephanW, I’ve set the same settings.
Not working still. Also, no errors or warnings…

Can you confirm you have the following packages installed:

  • imagemagick-common
  • php-imagick

Also are the PDF password protected? I just saw that one of my PDFs didn’t generate a preview but then realised it is password protected.

The PDFs are not protected…

But, php-imagick is not installed. And can’t be installed, because it’s not available for my php / os version (I think.)
Thank’s for pointing me to the root of the problem. Guess I’ll have to wait.

The NC documentation could be a little clearer on required packages, though…

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