Video playback issues over 2gb size

Hey @francisdoody :wave: Where do you host your NextCloud instance? I’m having a similar problem, but I know for sure it is because of a slower server I’ve rented out. Might be a similar reason for you too?

Quote follows:
When I upload a GoPro footage to nextcloud and play it with the web player preview it only plays after it fully streams it, GoPro footage of 2GB will takes ages until I can watch it.
When I upload a non GoPro mp4 with 2 GB is plays straight away and streams as I go.
GoPro settings:
60 fps

Moved to a new topic (it is linked to the old post).
Please consider adding more technical details to your post so we can all learn from any technical problems you are facing. Thanks.

Is this a double post?

Hi @just. The posts are unrelated. One is about performance of the video streaming from NextCloud the other is about way to upload videos to NextCloud in an automated way :slight_smile:

Okay, care to share details on the setup you are using for streaming. You can fill out the form you encounter when posting to #support and edit it into your post so we can better advise.

With the 2 GB limits, there have been different issues with php on 32bit systems. Is your OS 64 bit?

I have a 64bit Ubuntu running on a box with 4GB of RAM on it. This reply was meant to be related to another topic :slight_smile: I have no clue why it was extracted into a separate thread tbh.

4gb is just bare minimum functionality.

The playback issue is because your system is low spec and unable to handle streaming large files. Was hoping there was more to your very vague post. It helps to keep topics separate + include technical details so others don’t have to ask for them or get confused. :person_shrugging:

You’ll need to upgrade your machine to improve video playback of large videos. Or you can sync them to your machine using the desktop/mobile app and watch them locally.