Video freezing up

Happy Holidays community,
Á little problem I’m having with Spreed, compiled the server part from source and using the Spreed App (Not SpreedMe) as they are both in the repository, did the configuration manually and all seems to be working fine with the exception that video is freezing up after a random given period, can be seconds to minutes on different browsers and platforms (Linux, Android, Chrome, Firefox) no usable error message for me to resolve this issue.
I’m using NC 11 on openSUSE Leap 42.2 on which hardware acceleration is disabled in Nvidia GPU due to driver problems.
Anyone having a idea?

Thanks in advance, Fred

Hi Fred,

when using the Spreed app (not Spreed.ME) you don’t need to run a Spreed WebRTC Server. The Spreed WebRTC Server is only required when running Spreed.ME.

Have you tried to reproduce the problem on another computer?
Please verify that this demo does not freeze.