Video does not play on mobile browser (safari)

Nextcloud version _(11.0.2)
Operative system and version (Raspbian Jessie Kernel 4.9):
Apache or nginx version (Apache 2.4.25):
PHP version (5.6):]

Ive uploaded a video to my nextcloud server and im able to view the video on my desktop but when i try to view it on my iphone it says "the video could not be loaded ,either because the server or network failed or because format is not supported " hope somebody can help!!

Can you pay it on Chrome on your iOS device? If so it’s a codec issue I imagine.

@JasonBayton Chrome is just reskinned Safari because Apple disallows thirdparty browser engines. My guess is that the format is unsupported (Safari’s code support is pretty bad)


I’m experiencing this, as well. The video streams just fine on my android device (firefox), but does not play on iphone (safari). I’ve used handbrake to save the file in a couple different formats. There’s a play button, with a white background. And nothing happens when you press play. Note that the video plays just fine if I upload it to dropbox and play it from there.

I’m using NextCloudPi, and am in the process of upgrading Raspbian and Nextcloud. We’ll see if that helps.

Dropbox probably does transcoding for you. Check Media type and format guide: image, audio, and video content - Web media technologies | MDN for a full list

That was my assumption, too.

If I email the video file to an iphone, it plays. But obviously that’s not in a browser.

Thanks for the link.

My entire use case for nextcloud is: share baby videos with my family (who all have iphones). I’ll keep trying.