Video could not be opened because the type is not supported

When I try to preview video in mov format i get this error. The mov is the format that iphone creates.

“video could not be opened because the type is not supported”

any idea how to fix this

Thank you

I know this is an old thread, but I have the same issue and as there was no reply I thought I’d add my comments.

I recently started using the iOS upload feature so have all my iPhone pictures and videos automatically uploaded to my Nextcloud 13.0.6 server.

Only problem is, the won’t actually play in the Nextcloud WUI.

Any ideas how I get them to play?


Hi , guys. My *.mov video files from iphone can’t open nextcloud to play.
Any ideas? Thx, have a nice day!)

Video could not be opened because the type is not supported - i get this error.

Could you tell :

  • What is the device, OS and browser/player with wich you try to playback your videos
  • What is your NC server : device , OS, webserver and NC version.

You can check this thread too, it might be related to your issue:

Chrome 75.0.3770.100
Mac os high sierra
Nextcloud installed on ubuntu server by snap
video uploaded frome iphone X

I tried to playback my own iPhone *.mov videos through Chrome 75 on windows and it fails. Not with the same error, but loops on a black screen.
So it seems that Chrome is not compatible (besides: tested ok with Firefox v60.7 on windows)
Do you playback properly mp4 videos, like the default nextcloud.mp4 file with Chrome on MacOS ? If yes then your NC server config should be ok, and it’s a compatibility issue between OS/Browser and video format.
Check this link to have more info :
In my case, I usually transcode all my iPhone videos to mp4 (h264/aac) to ensure maximum compatibilité with other configs, so I can share videos without further questions.