Video chat just works?

Hi, I’m a new nextcloud user and have just setup the latest version of nextcloud on my Synology with Docker. All working great except video chat. I’ve enabled the app (video chat) from the store but I receive the following in Safari and Chrome on Mac.

Access to microphone & camera was denied

I’ve not changed any default setting on nextcloud. Do I need to setup anything else?

I’ve checked privacy setting on OS X and enabled the mic and camera.

Any ideas?


I got that when my nextcloud server was running over http. Chrome won’t share the camera/mic unless you’re using https. Don’t know about Safari, tho.

With HTTPS works fine.

I’m experiencing the same thing using Firefox.

Did you find a solution?

have you noticed that this issue goes back to 2017? and occurs on a synology station with nc-docker?

do you really think there wasn’t any change in the code of every single involved piece of software?

i hardly believe that it’s the same issue…
so pls open a new thread for your isssue, set a referring link to here, give out as much information as possible and then we’ll see if there’s a solution for your problem

Ok, sorry about that.

Here is my new thread: