Video calls vs.

Im sorry, but I cant figure out whether there’s a difference between the built-in “Video Calls”-app in NC12 and the,thing.

The documentation for video calls in nextcloud mostly dates back to version 11 and older…
To be precise, im trying to get a functional TURN-service up and running to provide voice/video for external participants over NAT, but i don’t understand if thats baked into the native Video Call-app in NC12 or not?

The video app is the newer all-in-one version of the old spreed integration. At one point we had to run a standalone spreed server and connect it to NC, a little like collabora now.

The video app has removed the requirement, and is probably the way to go between the two.

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Thanks for clarifying. (I run collabora online so I get your point). But there is no stun/turn-functionality in the Video Call so that’s still requires an additional install of coturn, which one then points to in nc/video calls-settings?

Yes that’s right, it still does require a TURN server, but that’s still one less server to configure I guess.

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@ivarson The video app still lacks chat support and integrated file sharing. The former will be integrated into it, sometime in the future…

This is rude and not very nice.

Yeah, one comment on an 11 month old topic laced with abuse/personal attacks. Nice.
Anyone talking like that can find another community to be a part of.

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