Video call APP, shared screen resolution

Hello everybody.

I have installed the video call App in my Nextcloud, but I have a problem with the shared screen resolution. Have a look the screenshot attached, please.
The image is not clear, resolution is bad, and work like that is impossible because of this behavior.

Is possible or do I have to change anything in the configuration?

Noone has the same problem?

Which browser? Nextcloud version? Do you have a bit more information about your environment so maybe somebody can give you more support?

This Afternoon I am going to update this case with all information.
Thank you Alfred.


I ran a test yesterday to see if I have a low resolution as well, but for me it’s a sharp picture. Not as sharp as on the home desktop, but clearly readable.
Is WebRTC maybe determining the best possible network speed and due to limitations in your connection it reduces the bandwidth?
My test yesterday was only in my LAN with 1Gbit/s.

My Nextcloud server is a RaspberryPi 2B with Raspbian 4.9.40-v7 with a 200/20MB internet coneection.
The computers used last week were HP Elite Book i5 with 4GB of RAM and SSD disk.
Browsers were Google Chrome Versión 58.0.3029.81.
We used two different computers into a corporate LAN.

This afternoon I will try in the same network than the Raspberry server.


Schmu, have you tried the service sharing the screen with leters? Were they clear?

@sbrodriguez yes I did. I used Windows Explorer with the “Details” View (having the files names as clearly readable text), a browser window (like you did) and I even shared a video (which had lags/ delays, but a very clear picture).

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In the same LAN than the Nextcloud server (RaspberryPi 2B) shared the screenshot works properly.
I have tried with three differen computers (two laptops with i3 and i5 CPU and 4 GB RAM) and another PC very old (Core2Duo with 3 GB RAM).
Have a look the next screenshot:

I don’t know how and why, but it seems that work properly :-\ , at least with Chrome and Chromium (latest versions).

Thank you for all your time.

Ok, I have found the problem.
Last day I was trying the service using two laptops, so the screen is smaller than a PC with a monitor of 21"
If I use the browser’s zoom I can see the shared screen better than by default, so the proble is solved with zoom!!!

hello sbrodriguez,

I want to share screen using video call app.
I am unable to get it done.
I am on intranet and there is no internet.
I have already configured the https settings.
I am using firefox 52.04.
I am able to see the audio and video option but not the screen share option.
Do I need to install some plug in or do some other settings to get it done.


Next to the micro and camera icons you can find another one to share the screen, as I show you in the next image:

Captura de pantalla de 2017-10-24 16-07-03

No more software has been installed on the server, only the Nextcloud App.

Thanks Sbrodriguez
In my case only micro and camera icon is coming. I am using firefox 55. even firefox 52 is enough I guess.

Screenshot-2017-10-26 Video calls - SEDA Cloud(1)

Above image is shown in my case

Thank you all!
I could share the screen now.
I was looking for the screen share icon which only enables when two or more parties are connected to each other.

Oh!! I had forgotten this issue last day. Only in a call the icon appears, sorry.