Video app problem

Hey, why dont have .mkv video files no audio, when i watching this directly in nextcloud ?
I use Google Chrome browser.

Server OS: ubuntu server 16.04.1
PHP: 7.1
Apache: 2.4.25
NextCloud: 11.0.1

Thanks for reply.

What does MediaInfo say to those files?

what info do you mean ?
Where i see this info ?


Did you mean this info ?


AC3 audio format also does not work in my case, but AAC does.

When i share this video has link, then browsers not support this viewing directly nextcloud ?


When coming AC-3 format support ?


Just suggested to convert the video file.

But that, doesn’t seem to be a valid solution.
As the video mkv is supported by many players, VLC, Windows media player and even the one comes by default with Ubuntu/CentOS etc