Via Nextcloud invitation:

Hello Community,

can someone tell me how to change the Sender and Subject when i send an invitation over E-Mail?

It looks like this now:

via Nextcloud
Invitation: “appointmentname”

Should look like this:

Name Surname

Thanks for your suggestions.


Hi all, i found a solution in Thunderbird:
In Calender settings you can choose to send the invitaton over the Client (Thunderbird itself).

I have the issue where sometimes users are not invited with their email address but with the email from the cloud ( I go to the webinterface and want to invite John Example, who has an account in the system.

What I expect:
John Name

What I get:
John Name via Nextcloud

It happens sometime, I can’t manage to reproduce it reliably. It also never happens with another user. Does anyone have a hint on where I should look?