VHD in a nextcloud synced folder


I wish to have certain files stored in a bitlocked VHD file (size of VHD approx 2-10GB), and then have that synced to my NextCloud. Mount/unmount to be performed at login/logout of the Windows 10 Pro session - but sometimes might also forget to logout/unmount the VHD.

Is that an acceptable method, or might the VHD get borken because of this type of setup?

Best, S.

There’s no reason that won’t work, but be aware of the following:

  • It will probably not sync as long as you have it mounted (file is locked).
  • If you don’t unmount and let it sync before logging out/closing the sync client, it may not sync at all.
  • It will need to sync the whole file each time which may take a while.
  • Even just mounting and unmounting it will change the file, so it will need to sync every time even if you didn’t change anything in it.

I’ve done something similar with a TrueCrypt container in the past, but it was much smaller.

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Wow, thanks!

  It seems that it might work for me, then! Maybe I will try to

keep it small, around 1 GB, and keep additional backups and check
for data consistency for a while, before I can let go and trust it

  I presume that in the case when I don't unmount before closing

the sync client, it might then sync on the next occasion when I
mount/make changes to the file? That would be perfectly
acceptable, I believe.