VFS - do not scan whole list of files, like android client

I’m trying virtual file system feature with nextcloud desktop 3.2 on Windows. I mount quite a big folder (about 1.4 To of data, about 2 million files), and it takes very long time first to scan all files, and then to create the tree view in the explorer.
On the android client, the tree view is downloaded only when it’s accessed for the first time, and then it’s kept in cache to access it quickly, so it never needs to scan all files.
Would it be possible to have the same behaviour on the desktop client ? Maybe then it can periodically scan the cached tree view, and synchronized folders and file, but it would be much better to avoid this complete scan. On slow connection, it can take days…

Hi, your feature request sounds like a very good idea. Please open a new issue for this in the desktop client repository after making sure that such a feature request doesn’t already exist. GitHub - nextcloud/desktop: 💻 Desktop sync client for Nextcloud
Afterwards, please post the link of the issue here that covers this enhancement, either way.

Done : VFS - do not scan whole list of files, like android client · Issue #3120 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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