Very slow upload speeds over web

I have a LAN setup with a 10Gbps network and the raidz2 array on the nextcloud box is capable of 1GB/s read/write.

When transferring files over the web interface on safari I am seeing very slow uploads (~20MB/s).

I am using nginx with http2 & TLS v1.3. PHP is 8.2 with FPM. Using postgresql for the database and redis for the cache.

From prior nextcloud installs in the past I know disabling http2 can bump the transfer speeds tremendously but I’d prefer to not disable it this time around.

Does anyone know how to speed up transfers over the web interface?

Setting max_chunk_size in occ to 50MB has increased transfer speeds up to 25MB/s, but I’d still like to get faster speeds for my LAN install.

There are a few topics about speed improvements here. Caches (on the database) as well as redis and APCU can make a huge difference (and their correct size!). For 100 Mbit/s and 1 GBit/s, you get about half of the max. possible transfer rate quite easily. It can be a bit less or a bit more, but the more you want, the harder it is. For 10 Gbps networks, not sure if it scales the same way.

With top/iotop etc. you can see which processes are involved and which ones might slow it down or need some improvements.