Very slow login after updating to 21.0.3

You are really kind and helpful, and above all you don’t give up! :bowing_man: :smiley: :muscle:
No, no cache services, I’ve never been able to set one up.
Before doing the operations you asked me, do I always have to stop apache2.service?
And this is my version of php:

orestis@orestis:~$ php -v
PHP 7.4.16 (cli) (built: Mar  5 2021 07:54:38) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.4.0, Copyright (c) Zend Technologies
    with Zend OPcache v7.4.16, Copyright (c), by Zend Technologies

which I installed by activating the ondrej repositories.

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Thank you man, let’s fix your server!! :smiley: :muscle:

And it’s always a best practice to stop apache’s service before changing any apache config file, but for the commands that I mentioned above, they are not related to apache’s config files.

So in this case, it’s not necessary to stop the service, only restart it on the end to make sure it applies the repaired nextcloud’s files.

Good luck mate.

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Nothing to do, unfortunately … :sob:
While I was giving the commands you suggested, did it seem to me that she was saying that everything was already fine?
Is it time to give up and format everything?

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Sorry to hear that.

I would suggest you to reinstall only your httpd server (apache), but that can leave some traces and bugs behind.

Unfortunately the easiest/faster/secure way would be to do a fresh install…

If you have any data, you can backup them and later just copy to the new data folder.

Also, I recommend you to only copy the files from the users and not the user’s folder, because it can conflict with a future DB.

Hope you can resolve it man, sorry that I could not been more helpful for that.

Good luck brotha! :slight_smile:

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Are you kidding? You were really kind and helpful, thank you very much!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Patience, I will do a new clean installation, after all it was from NC19 that I did not and then I have a backup copy of all the data stored.

A curiosity forgive me !: what exactly do you mean by “Also, I recommend you to only copy the files from the users and not the user’s folder, because it can conflict with a future DB.”?

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I’ve had a very similar issue after the upgrade to 21.0.1. I just fixed it myself, hope it helps you too: Several issues after upgrading to Nextcloud 21 - #3 by fabsta.


Okay mate, good luck. NC 21.0.1 is working flawless here.

I said that because I had problems in the past copying all the “/data” folder an pasting on the new NC installation. So what I recommend to you (if you are planning to bkp/recover the data) is to copy the user’s folder individually.

Did you understand?

Have a nice weekend brotha!


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Sure, you were very clear! :smiley:
Thank you again and I too wish you a good weekend! :muscle: :sunglasses:

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All the best mate, take care.

Feel free to open any other issues that you may have.



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Hey mate did you checked this out?

Maybe that helps :smiley:


Yes, thank you, but … uh, I didn’t understand much …
I hope the author has the great patience to answer me a little more simply, for ignorant people like me! :blush:


That’s a very good contribution. Thanks Beltran1337 :slightly_smiling_face:
I did also the Upgrade from 20.0.6 to 21.0.1 … and i see too, that the login process is slow … but, it was some kind of slow before, too :sleeping:

One reason for the slow login in the past was the Dashboard app …so i had some users, that needed about 1 minute to login, others (like me), not.
What i did as workaround … i created a Dashboard group for such users, who are not affected by the Dashboard slow login and assigned them to this group and other, who are affected, i do use another group.

Thanks all for your great hints about.

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Hey there, hope your doing well and safe.

I realized that on my production too, what you did was a great call. Thank you for sharing.

Have a nice weekend mate, good luck with your NC.

All the best!!


Happy Sunday everyone,
desperate, I gave up and reinstalled everything from 0: now it works like a wonder! :+1:


Good morning mate, hope you are doing well.

That’s nice to hear, sometimes all we need is a fresh start.

Good job! :smiley:

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Hello my dear!
Thank you very much!
Good week and good job to you too! :smiley:

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Good evening everyone,
sorry if I re-open this thread, but I still have the same problem: i have a small server with Apache2, mariadb, php7.4 Ubuntu 20.4.2 server and I just updated, via the stable channel, from 20.0.11 to 21.0.3, but it became very slow when I log in from browser and when I use Android apps , also from my pc with Ubuntu, I can’t access the folder, a window appears that says that the time out has been reached.
On settings, Nextcloud warns me about this:
A background process is pending that checks the SSL certificates imported by the user. Check back later.
but I have no idea what that means.
Can anyone help me please?
Thanks so much!!!

@mercurio do you use collabora server app ?

and thank you for your attention!
No I don’t have it, as apps I only have: dashboard, files, photos, tasks, contacts, calendar and notes.
I have never installed memcache, because it never succeeded, but it never gave me problems in previous versions.

@mercurio have you enable opcache and php-fpm ?

those methods allows to cache php but it use more RAM ( not a lot)