Very confusing status messages on upgrade from 24.0.8 to 25.0.2

Very confusing message in v24.0.8 about upgrade. Says that the following versions have compatible versions when I expect it should say “Incompatible”:


Because when you go through the upgrade, it then says they are not compatible and will be disabled:


BTW - Group Folders is a showstopper for us upgrading. Although let the 25.0.2 upgrade complete and Group Folders do continue to work. But mentioned that before - says incompatible and will be disabled but they aren’t disabled.

So it says “All apps have compatible versions” but clearly that’s wrong.

It even gets more confusing. This is the occ upgrade log showing disabled apps:


But go into Apps afterwards, and Group Folders isn’t disabled:

But it’s also changed from v12.0.1 in NC 24.0.8 to v13.1.0 in NC 25.0.2

Boy am I confused with all this!! Is Group Folders supported or not???

Group folders has a version for NC 25 according to the app itself.

Thanks for that link - very handy to know about those pages about apps. Yes, it looks like it is supported (phew!) . Just noticed that the first list of apps doesn’t match the list during upgrade.

It does look like the upgrade reports/logic is a a little confused here. My theory here is that NC 24 runs group folders v12.0.2 but this version isn’t compatible with NC 25 so hence the warning. But when it comes to the upgrade, GF v13.1.0 is magically found and installed.

As upgrading is always a fraught time, one could do without confusing reports about compatibility :wink:

I used group folders a while back. However because of the release cycle and issues with missing updates for group folders app, I found it much more powerfull to use a serviceaccount user called something meaningfull (Eg: Shares) in which I created a folder I shared with Admin group with full rights. Then as Admin I creates sub folders in that one shared folder, where I shares those subfolders with dedicated groups, hence I basically replicated Group Folders app behavior, using all core native functioanlity, guaranteed to work with any NC version upgrade.
Moving all files and folders from the group folders, was actually not that hard either.

So many support tickets and IT projects pass in front of me that I’m struggling to recall why Group Folders were important to this client in the first place as opposed to using an admin account to set-up folders in their space and then sharing with others.

I do recall that one advantage is that the more granular security mechanism meant that you could set-up (say) a “Projects” group where only the owners of the group could create new folders at the root level but then everyone could create folders/files underneath.

Which is BS because that is easy to configure with groups and rights.

From the Nextcloud interface? Normal users don’t access to the Linux file system.

Yes, from the NC interface.

That’s kind of what I was thinking because it found the upgrade for the app during the check. The report that it isn’t compatible seems erroneous. The app is updated as part of the upgrade process.

I’ve never had any trouble with group folders, so I don’t have any plans to move away from the app. I maintain two instances, and both use it extensively.

Using a service account isn’t completely without drawbacks. Now you have to change logins to work on folders, and you have a less frequently used/monitored account with full control of all the data. If more than one admin needs access then now you have that password floating around.