Versions -- No other versions available

Hi all,
just wondering if I missed some settings?

in the Web App nextcloud GUI when clicking on the three dots “details”
I see “Activities” like “You created…”, “You changed…”
but on tab “Versions” I only see:
“No other versions available”

shouldn’t this show my previous versions (especially when “You modified…” exists?

thanks in advance

We have a template when you create a topic, so we know the version of Nextcloud, the configuration, additional information from the logfiles… all this might be very helpful for others to help you.

A good quick test is to create a text file, after some time you do a few modifications, save again, … wait a bit and check if you see different versions (everything via web-interface). On the client side, it can happen that some programs delete the old file and create a new file with the same name instead. In this case, this won’t be detected as a version.

I did modify a file and waited… no changes
created a new thread including the requested details (as much as I found)

Versions app is enabled? Which version and which version of Nextcloud? Anything in the logs? When did the cronjob ran for the last time (in the webinterface: settings → Administration → basic settings).

thanks for your patience.
found Versions App, and it’s active. even disabled and activated it again - no change

In what log would I have to search for what events?
… cronjob ran 2 minuts ago

found Versions App, and it’s active

Can you check if behaves the same way? For me it works, but it takes some time, do some changes, wait a few minutes, do changes again … (just via web-interface).

I’ve set up a new device (odroidHC1), just armbian and NCP
versions seem to work…
even tough, I see following in the logs:
|Error|no app in context|OCP\AppFramework\QueryException: Could not resolve OCA\Files_Versions\Versions\IVersionManager! Class can not be instantiated||2021-12-31T09:58:34+0100|
|Error|no app in context|OCP\AppFramework\QueryException: Could not resolve trashManager! Class trashManager does not exist||2021-12-31T09:58:34+0100|
maybe that’s related?

→ I must have creatd the problem by faulty settings — but where ?

I’ll try to recreate the settings step-by-step and see, at which point versions stopped to work…

some time ago i did have a similar issue - the version context disappeared completely.
I had to disable/enable the file versions app.

thx for the info,
but tried that already with no success

Ok, in this case the related code is not loaded. In one bug report there are many of these entries:

In your case, I’d check if that is related to a different app that is creating a conflict.

Did it work before, different NC version, different php version?

stopped working again :frowning:
and I got no clue where to search for infos related to this
NC and PHP didnt change …

I finally found the step that removed “other versions”
this always happened after installing & enabling APP Snapshots
After disabling Snapshots App, all other versions reappeared.