Version confusion

If I log in as admin and look at the admin page, I see:


Nextcloud 10.0 (stable)

Developed by the Nextcloud community, the source code is licensed under the AGPL.

A new version is available: ownCloud 9.1.2 Open updater

Update channel: stable

But if I click “Open updater”, I see:

Current version is
No updates found online.

If I look at version.php I see:

<?php $OC_Version = array(9,1,0,16); $OC_VersionString = '10.0'; $OC_Edition = ''; $OC_Channel = 'stable'; $OC_VersionCanBeUpgradedFrom = array(9,0); $OC_Build = '2016-08-25T04:01:11+00:00 678fce3c18c6fbed60076764ae98171eae617c05'; ------------------------------------------ Questions: Why does the updated think that "ownCloud 9.1.2" is new and available? Why is the version string '10.0' while the version number seems to be Is this system in a consistent state?

Confusion is due to compatibility with ownCloud versioning. Should be “fixed” in 11

Thanks very much. So I’ll take it that I can happily update to 11, which I’ll try later today.