Version Check - Wrong Date


I am on 10.0.2 (stable) and everything seems to work fine.
Just a small thing: Next to the sentence “Deine Version ist aktuell.” (Your version is up to date) there is a letter “I”. On mouse-over it is supposed to display the date of the last check. The date is given as 1st January 1970 01:00 am which is obviously wrong. :slight_smile:

Any idea how to fix this?


Yeah, I have the same on 11.0.2 stable running on (Debian Jessie server)
I’ve never noticed this on owncloud.
Just commenting here incase somebody offers you a solution :slight_smile:

I am on 11.0.2 now and don’t see the issue anymore. :slight_smile:

The same issue with the version 12.0.3
2017-10-09 15_11_27-Verwaltung - Nextcloud