Version 22 welcome screen keeps on popping up, cannot unset any accessibility options when set

Hi Guys,

So I’ve installed 22.2.0 inside a FreeBSD 13 Jail (which I think isn’t related to my problem)

The installation went fine, or at least appeared that way, and I can log in, create a user and add apps, all that usual stuff, however I’ve got a problem.

That blue splash screen you see the first time you log in that says “Nextcloud hub”? I see it ALL the time. Every time I switch to another app, it continually keeps showing up and I must manually close it out. I’ve tried clicking through on the right until I get ‘start using nextcloud’, it appears to do nothing.

Another thing that’s weird is that when I went into my settings, and to play around, I enabled the high contrast mode, dark theme, and dyslexia font in the accessibility settings, but now can’t unset them.

Things like personal information in the ‘personal info’ form, for example my name, postal code etc however are retrieved and updated just fine. Very confusing.

I kind of think that some part of the installation might be broken, but not quite sure where to look. Anyone had these kinds of problems before?