Vcf-mass import with pictures

I am facing the following problem:

I have a Excel-file (well, and therefore CSV) with several hundred contacts. NAME, ADDRESS and so on. Easy. I need to get those into Nextcloud. I can import them into Outlook and then push to Nextcloud with, that works.

BUT: I don’t know how to include the pictures of those persons… Lets assume there are 200 contacts. That means there are 200 .jpg-files. One column in the .csv-file is called “foto” and those images are called for example Export_fuer_Outlook-Import.195620280.jpg.

I googled a lot but didn’t find a way to import the image… I can add the images by hand in outlook and sync with CalDAV-Sync, that works. But I do not intend to do that with 200+ contacts that change from time to time…

Any ideas would be great!

Do you have the option to export your contacts from the original location as a VCF file? I recently imported my 600+ contacts with pictures without issues.

You can write your own vba macro in Excel and convert the provided jpg file into a valid syntax. This might give you an idea how it could be done:

It is incredible… It is a commercial software, but it only supports xls export, no vcf…


I guess I am going to to drive to the script inside Outlook.
I can ‘calculate’ the filename of the picture from the contacts name so I can also iterate over all contacts and check for available pictures.
If a file is found I can add it using Outlooks API…

Not perfect but works…

Thank you

That sounds good. Maybe it would be worse to publish your macro here or on GitHub so that other users, who are looking for such a solution can use it too. :wink:

Hi @Carsten_Niehaus
I have the same problem. I wonder if yopu can share the script with us?