Vcard values not been rendered after upload and some more problems

Hi i try to download old and upload new vcards from an other service using the sabre api.

Sadly there seem to be some bugs in it i like to ask if i need to report to nextcloud or to sabre or both:

  1. GEO-Tag get-value= GEO:geo:90.000,0.000 but sabre only accept as post-value=GEO:90.000;0.000 and it will be rendered in the contact-app as “90,0”

  2. TZ-Tag get-value=“Europe/Berlin”, sabre accept “Europe/Berlin” but if i upload a new vcard the tz will not be rendered in the contact-app. But it is not possible to add a tz-value anymore via the webui on the new created contact and if i download the vcard the value is still present

  3. anniversary-Tag get-values are “x-anniversary”, “x-abdate” and “x-ablabel” and sabre accept all 3 values on post and all 3 values will be present if the vcard get download via webui. but only “anniversary” get be rendered on the contact-app. If the anniversary get changed after this only the anniversary-Tag get be updated, the other tags stay on an old value.

Anything done directly by Sabre should probably be reported in the Sabre repo.

GitHub - nextcloud/contacts: 📇 Contacts app for Nextcloud is for any limitations or bugs of the UI. If you report feature requests or bugs please create individual ones for each problem that you found.

GitHub - nextcloud/server: ☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data is for anything related the the integration of Sabre as Nextcloud’s CardDAV back-end.