Validation error when trying to uprade from 20.0.5 to 20.0.6

Just got the update notification and tried it, and:



Tried several times. Seems to suggest the download fails an integrity verification.

There’s nothing in the log file.

Anyone else seeing this?

Try changing log level on config.php.
Also i just tried and worked fine! Make another try, maybe the downloaded file was corrupted

It does this after every single upgrade for me, and I don’t think every single update has been corrupted. I always have to go into the config.php and change it. Annoying.

The log level have nothing to do with the failed integrity check. I just said that so you can have more info on the logs to troubleshoot.
If it fails integrity check on all updates, i would start checking either for something that is tampering on the NC app files, or a bad hardware corrupting files.

I’ve had no trouble updating every version from 19 to 20.0.5 so far … I have yet to try upping log levels. I downloaded the update manually and have yet to check the hash to confirm it’s integral. if it is, I’d be curious how to insert it into the updater’s process, I mean what do I do with a manual download?

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Well, patience is it’s own reward. The manual procedure looked far too complicated to bother with, and 12.0.6 failed and failed and failed to install, but 12.0.7 just installed flawlessly.