Vacation Planning

We are a music band with about 25 musicians. In order to know better when the musicians are on vacation, we would like to do this via Nextcloud. Each musician should always enter there when he is on vacation, so that the bandleader knows when we can accept a gig, without always creating queries in the Whatsapp group, who can then, who can then, etc… Is there an app for this? Also would be good if then the bandleader gets an email when someone has entered their vacation? Or is there such an app regarding attendance/absence. Poll is more for our rehearsals than for a whole year’s planning and in Poll no musician could actively enter his absence, if there is no date in it.
Do you have a recommendation or idea?

You can use the app Forms instead of the app Polls

But i would use Forms more to ask active for possible dates and not for dates where they do not have time (vacation). They can e.g. mark all possible days.


Forms has got a nice export function e.g. with CSV but i think in this example CSV is not useful. Here the Nextcloud function of summary is better.

I used Forms with about 50 persons to collect data. If you need the names of people you can add the question to the name of the people, too. Then you can possibly also ask individual people. The insert of the name can also be optional.

Other calendars have such an option, you can try to schedule a meeting and you see what timeslots fit all people you want to invite. So the others don’t always have to vote when they are or are not available.

The question here is whether all 25 people really have an account on the nextcloud and also maintain their calendar (vacation) in nextcloud. Perhaps then it is possible to use calendar functions from nextcloud. But with (for nextcloud) unknown users, you may need to use a survey or something like Doodle (sorry never used).

If all musicians put their vacations into their own calendar (or any calendar they have access to), the free-busy feature in the Calendar app allows to show when everyone if available for instance.

However, this is visible only day per day, so not very handy in your case.


instead of doodle (must be paid), we use the nextcloud app “poll”. that functioned good, but is only to ask the musicians, not to see it directly

Yes all musicians get an own account, because they also can see their notes for the songs there.
That could be an idea, to create a vacation calender and give it all musicians.
But these should be an own calender without the gigs, otherwise everyone sees everyone else and it becomes too confusing.

If you create a new event, go to “more”, you then can add attendees. Once you have more than one, you can show the busy times.

Before, everybody must put events when they are not available. For me it shows the hours of a day, you can see over a few days…

Documentation can be found at

I think the best way would be:

Create “band calendar” and share it with all members. Members can then add their vacation there, e.g. “Bob on vacation”.
You can easily see in month/week view where there are no events(vacations) and maybe put concerts there, too.
Note you can adjust how many events are shown per day, settings in bottom left corner.

Or have a “vacations” calendar and a “gigs” calendar. But this could get confusing because ppl have to know how to show/hide calendars.

I would not use free/busy UI for this.