V2V Migration - one Hypervisor to another - how to update configuration?

Hello all,

We’re migrating from an older Hypervisor (vmWare - iscsi) to a new one (SCALE - KVM) and in the process of migrating my VM of NextCloud (18) the VM boots ok (thanks to Linux!) but, the drive/devices have changed from sda to vda and sdb to vdb. How can I modify Nexctloud and subsequent DB, Apache etc, to let it know the device names have changed? I’m hoping that this won’t involve a complete rebuild.

sda = 60GB boot/root/app
sdb / sdb1 = 100GB ZFS pool

vda = 100GB boot/root/app
vdb/vdb1 = 300GB ZFS pool

Ubuntu (18.04 up to date) has taken care and not skipped a beat, except for the netconfig which I fixed in under a minute. Nexctloud, and related apps however aren’t having a fun time.