V16.0.5 not shown in Update Channel "Production"

Hello @all,

V16.0.5 ist not showing in update channel “Production”. Have anyone else this issue or is V16.0.5 yet not released in production channel?


usually there are two reasons for that kind of behaviour-

  1. NC rolls out updates in waves… so it might take a while until everyone is being informed about it and able to download/install it via the webupdater.
  2. devs detected a/some minor bugs and keep this version back from production level.

workarounds: you still you try and change updatechannels to something between beta and production and then wait until it gets announced there. or you could download the desired version manually and install it manually.

in any case… you’re running on production level. most prolly for a good reason. so don’t feel any pressure to install any new version immediately after being released (with major versions i guess production would at least wait for .0.2-versions until you’ll be notified)

hope that helps

Thanx for clarification. I didn’t know that minor releases rolles out in waves, too.

So i have to wait and i should be a more patient… :slight_smile:


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I did switch to stable, than 16.0.5 appeared immediatly. Did the upgrade and switched back to production. No problems.

I’m still not getting any update notification for 16.0.5 in production channel… Could that be?

16.0.5 was relased at 26.09.2019…


the answer to your question was given before:

so… it’ll take some more time until production-channel will offer you nc17.x you better be patient… or switch to “stable”-channel.

have fun

I don’t want to update to NC17. I’m on V16.0.4 (on production channel) and the update to 16.0.5 is not shown…

oh ok. my bad. sorry.

but though it’s always the same answer: there’s always a good reason for it. if you’re not patient enough switch to stable-channel. your desired version should be waiting there for you.

maybe you want to put thought into the fact why you are running on production channel if you don’t wanna wait.