V12 broke slideshow and left/right advancing on shared galleries

Like the title suggests, I just updated to v12 and instantly noticed that the slideshow and the left/right advance feature on all my shared galleries broke.

Nice surprice on a Tuesdays afternoon…

Comments? Suggestions?

This only affects shared galleries which use a different url “scheme” as the galleries in the the logged in view - which might just be the cause of all this.

Also - the “download all images” button arrow is missaligned, because…?

edit: Also afflicts newly created and newly shared galleries. Ehm… guys?

Nextcloud 12 be so great! Nextcloud 12 be soo cooperative! It even scales with the cloud!*

(*)Just make sure you don’t share any files with anyone, because when you do, even the gallery app breaks. #duckface

Oh aren’t we sassy today.

@oparoz fyi.

Thanks for the attention. :wink: To the problem at hand of course… :wink:

All sassiness aside - thank you for directing it towards the correct channels, and in advance, thank you @oparoz for eventually looking into it.

(As an aside, dynamic image scaling in (/to) full screen view (as an option) would be nice, some time down the road. :slight_smile: )

Have a nice day e/o


What @oparoz eloquently stated above is: the issues are already being looked into, and you can follow the progress there.

Cheers! :slight_smile: