Using the same folder on dual boot windows / linux


I’m dualbooting my machine to arch linux and windows. My nextcloud folder is on a partition reachable from both os. Right now I’m only synchronizing the folder when I’m booting linux (what I am doing most of the time).
I don’t like to duplicate my data, because it would waste to much space. But sometimes I would like to upload data from windows instantly without having to reboot into linux (or using the web interface).

Can I safely activate the nextcloud synchronisation on the same folder on the windows side? Are there any differences in how the files / configuration / temporaries are handled that could lead to errors?


I have the same question, but I’m a step further: i did use the same folder (on an NTFS Partition) from Win10 and Ubuntu Linux. I experienced a “locked” folder, showing a yellow exclamation mark under Windows. I uploaded the folder in Linux. The files were visible in Windows, selectable in Explorer, but programs reported them as unavailable.

No answer to this that seems a common issue…

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Helping with a similar setup. NTFS seems not to be mounted with write permissions by Linux. It seems one needs to install ntfs-3g and then mount the drive to get write permissions[1][2]. This should enable both Windows and Linux to write to the disk. However not sure if Nextcloud clients in Linux and Windows will do something sensible with this.


@Snowyo Congrats and a great question. :+1:

This is the home user forum and although you may ask freely and virtually anything, it may depend what you get answered for free. Ref. to Nextcloud GmbH there is professional support available:

  1. Customers and Partners (mainly) closed portal —
  2. An Enterprise Subscription from Nextcloud is available with email and phone support.

NOTE: Please be aware I am not affiliated with Nextcloud GmbH and my views are the free views as both a volunteer and a EU citizen and appear in a private capacity solely.

Presumably, you can use the same folder in a dual boot scenario. Nextcloud is a Cloud-storage and any one account may be used by an almost unlimited number of clients.

NOTE: Please avoid some possible sync troubles in a mixed operating system (OS) environment by always deactivating the ‘ignored folder’ option in the NC desktop App/Client setup ‘General’ view first. Find the Edit Ignored Files button and deactivate the check mark in the subsequent view, I presume.

Please consider the below:

  • Choose an approprate location on your local machine which is locally shared by the file systems of both (or all) operating systems in use on same machine.

  • Put the ‘Nextcloud’ folder as main entry folder hook to the Nextcloud account data into this location. This folder can be named almost freely at your convenience and besides marketing attitudes there was no need to call that folder ‘Nextcloud’ in default.

  • Every installation of any operating systems in use on same machine in the NC desktop App/Client setup shall choose the same a.m. main entry folder hook for the so called ‘Local folder’ of the OS setup in use.

  • Any pre-installed NC desktop App/Client setup has to be changed to use the a.m. main entry folder hook for the so called ‘Local folder’ of the current OS setup.

This comprises my advice for now.

Hope this helps.

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