Using app


I have downloaded the iphone app but

I cant figure out what is the url address to use in the app.

Well, its WIP

@agent3bood https://[YOUR-NEXTCLOUD-DOMAIN]/[PATH-TO-NEXTCLOUD] should work, e.g.

Otherwise @ivan can help with that.

@agent3bood Spreed.ME iOS app currently only works with Spreed.ME service or with the Spreed.ME app for Nextcloud.
As you already noticed, native mobile apps for the Video Calls app are still WIP.

I have nextcloud 11.0.3 and cideo calls 1.2.0 app setup,
The calls works fine in the browser, but on the ios app when I put my nextcloud ip to connect it will just keep showing connecting.

@agent3bood The Spreed.ME iOS app is only usable with the Spreed.ME service and Spreed.ME app as mentioned above.
You can’t use it with the Video Calls app for Nextcloud.