Using only office in nextcloud

I recently installed only office in next cloud.

It works fine.

But, I have a few basic quetsions.

1 - when using next cloud, how can I open only office with out having to open a file?

2 - when I create a new file(go under file and create new), it gets names a generic name: document1, for example.

How can I do “save as”?


Hi @smokinjo

Short answer for both of your questions: You cannot.

…but you can type a name after you clicked on “New Document” or of course rename it later if you forgot to do that.

HI there. Where is the “new document” option?

When I click on “file” menu option, I only find “Create New”.

When I create new, it automatically:
1 - names the file :document
2 - places the file in the top level of my files folder.


1 - how can I choose the name of the file
2 - How can I choose where the file is saved?



If you click on the + button on the top left in the files view and select “Document”, you can type in your desired filename

It will be saved to the folder you are in when you click on the + button. Or more precisely it will then be created there. So you must first navigate to the folder where you want to create the file and then click on the + button. As far as I know, there is no other possibility directly in the web interface of Nextcloud.

Otherwise you could use the Onlyoffice Desktop App and connect it directly to your Nextcloud or use it together with the Nextcloud Desktop Sync Client.

You answered my question. Thanks! This makes things easier for me.

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