Using one nextcloud on different URLs

I am running Nextcloud on my vServer perfectly fine and now after a few friends and customers of mine have seen the benefits of Nextcloud they asked me to setup their cloud as well. Since I am hosting their websites as well I wanted to know if it’s somehow possible to use a subdomain to connect to my nextcloud instead of wasting server performance on two-four other installations of Nextcloud. They only need an account for private use.

Look at trusted_domains in config.php:

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i’d say that’s just a first step.

like the name of the NC-instance would always be the same… (e.g. NC is called “userA’s cloud” even when userB, userC and userD would access it) - so be careful with naming the instance

and what about ssl-certificates?

plus all the new “admins” would see each other and be able to share with another. what if one admin turns a feature (aka app) off and another one wants to enable it? etc…

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