Using office without installation on my webspace?

I can install Nextcloud easily on my webspace but I can’t install docker containers.
So I can’t edit my docs in the browser.
Is there a possibility to use office nevertheless?
Can I use an external office server for example?

Thanks in advance,

Bether is to search a Nextcloud Hosting with Collabora.

Yes. That’s absolutely possible. I guess a lot of people doing it this way.

OK, thanks.
Where can I find such an external office server?

Hat jemand eine Liste, Übersicht o.ä. mit extern gehosteten Collabora/onlyoffice Servern?

Ich finde leider nichts.

Danke & LG

Well i doubt you find an open office server. You have to create your own (external) office server. Sorry if my answer was misleading.

OnlyOffice can be easily installed on any popular Linux distro. I am running it on a separate guest/VM in all environments I support.

Thank you all.